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If this is your first time on the Rightstep podiatry website then welcome and I hope you are finding the content helpful.


Watch yourself this summer, many foot related ailments such as sun burn, ingrown nails and plantar fasciitis are more common this time of year.  Change your footwear regularly, thongs are ok for around the pool and the beach but not for a 5km walk with the dog.  Wear sneakers or walking shoes when you’re busy cleaning, shopping, walking and especially gardening.


Don’t forget to slip, slap, slop as the UV index creeps up the dial, your feet especially need a high UV cream if they have been in shoes all winter or you’ve moved over recently from cooler climates.


Unfortunately, there is an increasing rate of melanoma discovered on the feet, so when you’re using sun cream don’t stop at the ankles, cover your feet as well.  If you are a Diabetic or have neuropathy (loss of feeling in your feet) avoid barefoot walking especially on hot concrete as you will not notice your feet burning.


Cream, cream and more cream, don’t forget to get your heel balm in, and use it daily to help stop those heel cracks.  Find a time when you’re likely to be sat down at the same time every day such as watching the news or your favorite TV program; then you won’t forget or be too tired! Lastly but not least, tiled floors may be cooling to the feet but we weren’t designed to walk on concrete so keep it to a minimum!  Barefoot walking can increase formation of callus, corns and invites musculoskeletal problems in the foot.


Summer is nearly upon us again and many of you will return to wearing thongs on a regular basis.  Thongs are especially bad for the feet due to a variety of reasons, but the main fault with them is they are completely flat.  Try the Archies support thongs or sandals this summer to help give your feet the support they need, this can help to prevent foot issues such as heel pain (plantar fasciitis) or metatarsalgia.   The arch support helps those with either flat feet or high arches to help reduced shock and prevent excessive pronation (Rolling in).

Why not pop in for a visit and pick up a pair of Archie’s thongs too! They retail at $40 and come in all sorts of sizes and colours.



Keep your nails trimmed regularly using good clippers, and don’t cut into the corners.  Don’t pick or tear at your toe nails as this can lead to nail infections and ingrown nails.  If you have poor circulation or Diabetes it’s better to see your podiatrist for help.