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Older feet shouldn’t mean painful feet!

As our feet grow older, they naturally develop more problems.  But painful and uncomfortable feet are not a natural part of growing old, or something which we must just ‘put up with’.  Many older people believe it is normal for feet to hurt, and simply resign themselves to enduring foot problems which could be treated.

As we age, our feet tend to spread and lose fatty pads that cushion the bottom of our feet.  If we are carrying extra weight, this can also affect the bone and ligament structure.  There are more than 300 different foot conditions and, for older people, most stem from the impact of years of use.

There are simple things which older people can do to combat these issues:

Have feet measured for shoe size more frequently, rather than presuming that their shoe size remains constant. A shoe should hold your foot firmly in place and give adequate support – floppy old favourites should be thrown out.

A shoe with a firm sole and a soft upper is best for daily activities

Walking is a good general exercise for most people’s feet.

Pantyhose and stockings should be of the correct size and preferably free of seams.

Avoid going barefoot.

Never cut corns or callouses with a razor, pocket knife or other such instruments and don’t use over-the-counter corn products as they may do more harm than good, unless they have been recommended by us.

Do not wear tight garters as these can affect your circulation

Trim or file your toenails so they are slightly curved just short of the end of the toe. Do not cut down the sides.

Inspect your feet every day.

Come and visit us if you notice anything abnormal or you can no longer manager your own toenails. This could be down to lack of mobility, or poor eyesight.

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