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Onyfix Nail Correction System

What is Onyfix?

Onyfix is a revolutionary new product for the treatment of involuted and ingrown nails. It is essentially a nail brace that is applied to your affected nail.

It is a pain-free, non-invasive nail correction system.

How does Onyfix work?

The nail is first roughened and cleaned in preparation for the application.
The Onyfix is shaped into a strip and applied to the nail.
A special blue light is then used to harden the Onyfix and bond it to the nail.
The hardened Onyfix strip ensures that the shape is maintained during your nail’s natural growth.

Before and After Onyfix treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment painful?

No, the Onyfix treatment is completely painless to apply and to wear!

Will the nail brace/Onyfix be removed after a certain period of time?

After successful treatment, the Onyfix will be removed by your podiatrist in a pain free and easy manner.

Am I able to wear nail polish whilst the nail brace/Onyfix is on?

Yes you will be able to wear nail polish whilst the nail brace/Onyfix is on. However, this will just be regular paint on nail polish.
Anything that involves the drilling of the nail e.g. acrylic or gel polish will result in the removal of the Onyfix.

Do I need to avoid any particular activities whilst the nail brace/Onyfix is on?

There are no restrictions on activities e.g. swimming, sauna etc. whilst the Onyfix is on your nail.

Is the Onyfix treatment suitable for everyone?

Yes, the Onyfix is suitable for everyone, including children, high-risk clients and those with diabetes.

Do I need a referral for this treatment?

No you do not require a referral to see us at Rightstep Podiatry.

If you think that you would like to trial the Onyfix Nail Correction System for your nails, please do not hesitate to book an appointment to see us. 

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