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A bunion is often described as a bony prominence on the side of the big toe.  There is however much more to a bunion that it first appears.

The bunion forms due to a weakness in the small muscles of the foot, which do not function in the usual way.  This mechanical anomaly is genetic.

Bunions tend to form over a long time and develop in the older patient, but rarely also affect youngsters and young adults.

The bunion can cause significant pain due to the extra width required to accommodate the foot in a shoe and the majority of shoes do not fit properly.

Pain can also arise from the big toe joint itself due to the amount of angulation that has developed along with any arthritic change.


  • Stiffness, pain and aching as the site of the bunion
  • Redness and swelling
  • Numbness or burning pains
  • Restricted range of motion in the big toe which also causes pain

Treatment options

  • Ice helps to reduce inflammation
  • Anti inflammatories
  • Changes in activity
  • Orthotics to support poor foot mechanics
  • Surgery

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