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Flat Feet (Pes Planus)

Many people have flat feet, often it is genetic and passed down through families.

There are many causes of flat feet, including poor lower limb and foot mechanics, hypermobility, age(adult acquired flat foot) and pregnancy.

Not all patients with flat feet require orthoses, a lot of patients are asymptomatic and supportive footwear is sufficient for them.

When flat feet becomes a problem

Often children today are extremely active with sports, athletics, dance and swimming.  Many children present to the clinic with pain in and around the feet and legs due to sprains and strains associated with flat feet.  If the patient is very active they will need support with orthotics so that they can continue with their activities.  In some cases physio and strapping may also be required to aid in recovery.

Adults also have problems with flat feet, particularly if there job/career requires them to be active and on their feet for long periods of time.  Works boots can also add to patients issues.

Often flat feet can lead to arch pain, plantar fasciitis, Hallux Limitus(restriction in the big toe), posterior tibial dysfunction, tibialis anterior tendinitis, and many more.

Elderley people often suffer from flat feet related issues and usually this also includes arthritic change too.  We regularly make orthoses for people who need support to help relieve their symptoms. Whilst orthoses in some cases may not always relieve 100% of a patient’s pain, they help enormously in most cases.

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