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Mortons Neuroma

The Morton’s neuroma occurs at the base of the third and fourth metatarsals in the foot and is quite a common finding.  The nerve in these areas are thicker than the other metatarsals and are at risk of compression injury.

Over time the compression of the nerve leads to enlargement of the nerve which in turn causes more compression.

Predisposing factors

  • Biomechanics such as excessive pronation, high arches and flat feet
  • Narrow foot type
  • Constrictive footwear
  • High Heeled shoes
  • Repetitive trauma


  • Pain in between the metatarsals or underneath the ball of the foot
  • Pain worsens when wearing shoes
  • Tingling and pins and needles in toes near to painful area
  • Shooting pain, sharp or burning pain in the area

Treatment options

  • Changing footwear to better fitting shoes
  • Support such Over the Counter arch supports
  • Steroid injections
  • Acupuncture
  • Neuroma Ablation
  • Surgery

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