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What is a Verruca?

Verrucas are caused by the HPV virus, and are a type of wart.

Infection leads to a small, dark puncture mark that may later turn grey or brown with black dots in the centre.

Where there is little or no pressure on areas of your foot the wart may have a cauliflower appearance that is raised instead of flat.

It is always advisable to visit your podiatrist for a diagnosis before starting any treatments.

Where do you get Verruca?

The verruca spreads by shedding infected skin cells.

Commonly verrucae are picked up at swimming pools, communal showers in gyms, school gym floors, mats, baths, etc.,

Commonly verrucae affect children (school age) and young adults who frequently attend gyms, and swimming facilities.

In children, unless the verruca is painful it is advised not to treat the verruca as they tend to disappear on their own in around 6 – 12 months.

Occasionally verruca may spread throughout the foot and the family and cause a multiple problem that is hard to eradicate.

If this occurs treatment is advisable.

Verrucae are very contagious and careful application of simple extra hygiene tips may help prevent re-occurrence.

Hints and tips which may help to prevent the cycle

  • Have individual towels or dry the affected foot with a piece of kitchen towel
  • Try to keep the area covered with a dressing or plaster
  • If you opt for treatment, it may also be worth implementing these tips
    • Changing your shoes if you have previously worn them barefoot
    • Chuck out the bath mat for a new one, and then keep the verruca covered with a waterproof plaster
    • Where flip flops in communal showers
    • Where footwear such as sandals or shoes around the house

Self Treatment

Option to self treat is available with a range of acid based treatments from the chemist.

Always follow the guidelines and instructions given on the leaflet enclosed with the product you buy.

(Some preparations may not be suitable for children and diabetics.)

It is advisable to use an emery board for filing your verruca as this can be thrown away afterwards and they are relatively cheap to buy in packets of 10 or 20.

During filing try to lay out a plastic bag underneath your foot to catch the loose particles of skin.  This will help to prevent further infections.

If further problems occur and the verruca is getting larger, painful, multiplying or spreading within the family please contact us for an appointment.

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