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Foot & Ankle Pain?

Foot and ankle pain can affect all of us at some time in our lives, whether we are 2 or 102, injuries can occur that lead to sudden onset of discomfort that can disrupt our lifestyle.

Unfortunately foot pain can be very debilitating due to the complex nature of the foot and the fact that we need to be mobile everyday.  Resting your feet is not always possible.

There are a number of foot complaints that can arise from poor lower limb biomechanics or due to age related degeneration.  Stress fractures from osteoporosis, for example is a common occurrence in the elderly along with painful bunions, plantar fasciopathy and pain in the ball of the feet.

Complex and different causes of painful feet need to be properly diagnosed before they can be treated effectively.

At Rightstep Podiatry we have many years of experience of dealing with sudden and complex foot pain and are always happy to give you advice and treatment.

At Rightstep we have a range of treatments including rock tape, acupuncture, mobilisations, compression socks, strapping, and orthoses which can all help a number of different ailments.  If your currently experiencing pain or discomfort contact us!

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