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General Footcare

Nail, Skin Soreness?

Toe nails can cause a wide variety of problems all leading to acute and chronic pain for the sufferer.

A range of problems can occur from ingrown toe nails, common in teenagers to involuted or curly nails in adults. Nails can also thicken with age and trauma which can lead to painful ingrown nails and pressure related pain.

Fungal infections of the nails can also in some cases cause pain and discomfort which can often be hard to treat.

Patients have a wide range of skin lesions often ranging from warts and verrucae to corns and callus, which can all be painful and in some cases embarrassing.

Here at Rightstep Podiatry we believe in gentle, quality, friendly treatment to help improve current nail or skin complaints but also to advise on prevention of possible recurrence of common foot complaints.

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