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Exercise Advice

Podiatrists health professionals who deal with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of medical and surgical conditions of the feet, occasionally that also requires rehabilitation.

Initially it is important to get a professional opinion/diagnosis of your presenting complaint.  Your podiatrist will organise a short and long term management plan to help to alleviate your symptoms.  Treatment may include complete rest or strengthening and stretching of muscles to help your condition.

A number of stretches we issue depends on the injured area but here a few common stretches we usually advise:

Calf Stretches
Plantar Fascia Stretch
Hamstring stretches
Quadriceps Stretches
Soleus Stretch
Towel Scrunch
Saying your prayers
Foot roller
Towel Stretch
Hips Stretch

How often should I stretch

It is usually recommended to stretch twice daily and especially before activity.  I recommend a gentle 5 min warm up, jogging on the spot or light skipping prior to stretching.

Don’t rush your stretches! Slow and steady wins the race, stretch then hold then release. Hold for at least 30 seconds.

Don’t stretch till it hurts, it should not be painful don’t overstretch!

Slow steady stretches are much more beneficial than quick speedy ones, take at least 10 mins out of your day to stretch and remember to breath through them this will slow you down.

Happy Stretching!

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